More Tasmanian, Less Toddler

Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife and I are thrilled to announce that our son, Abraham Hudson, has officially hit three years old!

Last year, the internet exploded with all sorts of fanfare surrounding the sighting of a so-called “Tasmanian Toddler” that was terrorizing churches across America with his whirlwinds, fist bumps, and general “cuteness”(Click here for details).

This year, Anny and I are astounded to report that while said Tasmanian toddler is becoming less and less “toddler”, he is still as “Tasmanian” as ever – perhaps even more so than before!

Actual footage of Abraham showing his true colors.

While this ever-active fireball of a kid still shares the same affinity for balls with his two-year old self, he has also taken a liking to dinosaurs, monster trucks, and singing “Victory in Jesus” while on his various road trips across America.

Last year it was hopefully anticipated by his mother and me that his jump-start into “terrible territory” that came about by misreading the “terrible twos memo” as the “terrible twenty months memo” might mean an early exit from said so-called “terrible territory”. We are, however, distraught to announce that his level of “terrible” has only seemed to escalate to ever greater heights.

Abraham and me, Father’s Day 2019
Abraham and Mom, Easter 2019.

On the bright side, these next twelve months look to be promising for little Abraham as he continues to systematically fist-bump, whirlwind, and generally chatter-box his way over to China.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABRAHAM! Your Mom and I sure are thrilled to be your parents, even if we sometimes complain about being constantly kept on our toes!

Goforth China Tour City Preview: DANDONG

This July, my wife and I will be leading a team of five young people on Vision For China’s first ever Goforth China Tour! The trip will encompass one-on-one evangelism opportunities, practical instruction on the state of Christianity in various regions of China, a trek along the Great Wall, and even a glimpse across the Yalu River into North Korea. Our desire is for these students to see China’s great need for the gospel themselves, to allow the Spirit of God to use their eyes to stir their hearts, and to consider what part they would have to play in what the Lord is doing in the nation of China! For more information about the trip, please click here.


Tucked away along the Yalu River and overlooking North Korea, the city of Dandong is home to about 2.5 million people. It is from this side of the river that missionary Jonathan Goforth made his way into the Korean Peninsula and witnessed great revival among Korean believers nearly a century ago. Vision For China is currently praying for the Lord to give us a man who will commit to laboring for the gospel in this city to reach both Chinese and Koreans with the gospel. Here we will be able to look directly into North Korea and pray for the Lord to do a mighty work in this city and into North Korea.

The Goforth China Tour will begin the last weekend in June and extend into the second week in July. Please pray for this trip! We are asking God to do a great work in the hearts of the five students who will be coming. Would you join us? Some of them are already seriously considering surrendering their lives to the Lord’s service in China. China is in need of more laborers! The harvest is great but the laborers are few! Will you join us in asking the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest?

I Have A Vision For China

I have a

I have a vision. I have a vision for China.

I see a day in which more and more Chinese people hear the glad tidings of the Saviour and call upon Him for salvation.

I see a day in which millions of Chinese believers all across China scramble each Lord’s day to get out the door and head for church to worship their King.

I see a day in which millions of Chinese families gather each evening for family devotions and recount the story of Calvary to their children.

I see a day in which Chinese pastors train up young men in their churches to preach the Word and be instant in season and out of season.

I see a day in which Chinese churches are turning out church planters by the thousands to populate both its city blocks and farming villages with local churches that gather weekly to show forth the praises of their Lord.

I see a day in which every last one of China’s 1.4 billion people hasn’t simply heard the name Jesus, but has heard His story and had the opportunity to believe.

I see a day in which, if the Lord tarries, China will become a nation made up of countless born-again believers who themselves aren’t simply satisfied to sit in their pews but are compelled by the love of their Saviour to take the gospel that has transformed their own lives to the nations.

I see a day in which millions upon millions of Chinese believers are mobilized to take the gospel to both the surrounding Asian nations and around the world.

I see a day in which Chinese young people take to the deputation trail among their own churches to share their burdens, present their ministries, and raise their support; all to reach nations like Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria with the gospel.

I see a day in which Chinese churches partner with and send on those heralds of light, becoming their fellowhelpers to the truth.

I see a day in which Chinese missionaries travel abroad, learn foreign languages, and plant local indigenous churches in places like Brazil, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia.

I see a day in which older Chinese pastors and missionaries write their sons in the faith, encouraging them to press on in their footsteps, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”

I see a day in which countless Chinese believers beam with gratitude exclaiming, “耶稣是主!” (“Jesus is Lord!”), as they bow their knees before the Highly Exalted One, and He says, “Well done, thou good and faithful servants!”

I have a vision. I have a vision for China.

I have a