Chinese Easter Special

A TALE OF TWO TOMBS // Happy Easter from the Tills and Vision For China! With Resurrection Sunday fast approaching, we are often asked about Easter in China. Look no further than the latest episode from the A Thousand Lives Broadcast for all the details about what Chinese people are typically up to this time of year!

Tune into this week’s Easter Podcast Special for a walk in the shoes of a Chinese lady named Jasmine as she spends her Easter Sunday celebrating a festival vastly different from Easter that surprisingly still sends her to a tomb for worship.

Catch a glimpse of the world through Chinese eyes, cherish the hope of the gospel, and be challenged to do all in your power to advance the hope of Christ in China!

You can find the podcast on your favorite platform or go on over to to stream it online:

Go ahead and share the A Thousand Lives Broadcast with your friends and family who are interested in learning more about China and getting the gospel there! May this broadcast be a blessing that directs people to find their path to getting more involved in China missions—whether that be through praying, giving, sending, or going!

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