Poor Peter and a Plea for Preachers

NEW PODCAST EPISODE!! // Hudson Taylor, past missionary to China, had a Chinese friend named Peter who would often hear the gospel message from Hudson. One night, Hudson gave him the gospel once again, and Peter was moved to tears as he heard in great detail what Christ did for his soul.

Peter was unfortunately hesitant to trust Christ, but he told Hudson he would be happy to go with him the next day as he preached. Hudson was thrilled to know that Peter was at least willing to hear the gospel message another time!

The next morning, tragedy unexpectedly befell poor Peter, and two negligent fishermen were largely to blame! They had the means of helping Peter but chose to sit by and do nothing until it was too late.

Why would Hudson Taylor compare many Christians to those two fishermen? Tune in to this week’s episode of the A Thousand Lives Broadcast to hear the full story and find out!

It’s a captivating story that will challenge you to do more for missions in China and around the world! You won’t want to miss it!

You can find the podcast on your favorite platform or go on over to www.visionforchina.org/podcast to stream it online:

Go ahead and share the A Thousand Lives Broadcast with your friends and family who are interested in learning more about missions in China! May this broadcast be a blessing that directs people to find their path to getting more involved in China missions—whether that be through praying, giving, sending, or going!

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