February 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

The Lord has blessed with many ministry opportunities over the course of the last month. I was privileged to share with our own church family, Vision Baptist Church, how different Chinese characters (symbols in their writing system) point to many of the stories found in the opening chapters of Genesis. I have also been able to challenge students in a few Christian schools in the north Georgia area about the need for more laborers for China. I am grateful for our mission director, Jeffery Bush, for giving me these opportunities to preach with him.

Thank you for continuing to pray and ask the Lord for more young men surrendered to give their lives to magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ in China. While we wish we could already be on the field, we believe the Lord has given us this time to encourage our brothers to consider China as a field of service. We are begging the Lord to raise up more preachers from here in the States to boldly take the gospel to the cities of China. As I have been considering how to most effectively broadcast the opportunities to proclaim the name of Jesus in China to young believers in the States, the Lord has allowed myself and the Vision For China team to launch a podcast about China missions called the “A Thousand Lives Broadcast”.

Beginning back in mid-January, the podcast features weekly episodes that are written and recorded to challenge young people to consider the opportunities to preach Jesus Christ among China’s billions.  To share the podcast with someone who is called to preach and seeking the Lord’s leading or to listen in yourself, visit www.visionforchina.org/podcast.

Please continue to pray for China and Taiwan to reopen their borders. As I write this letter, both are currently celebrating the Chinese New Year holiday. We are hopeful that there will be news of their borders opening shortly after they return from their holiday break.

Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Pray that the Lord would cause the travel restrictions in place in Taiwan to lift soon.
  • Pray that mainland China would open its borders soon.
  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing on the “A Thousand Lives Broadcast”.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to raise up and send forth more laborers into His harvest field.

In the latest episode of the A Thousand Lives Broadcast, I interview Vision For China’s Trent Coker who shares how the Lord is leading him and his family from a small town in northwest Georgia all the way to China to plant churches. I’d encourage you to listen in to hear how God is working in their lives!

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