November 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

The Lord has blessed tremendously over the course of the last month. The Underground Jiaohui [Churches] conference that I mentioned in our last letter was a huge blessing. Co-laborer to China, Ty Pepperdine, and I preached the conference, and we had around twenty-five  high school and college age attendees each day. The teaching and preaching was centered around what churches are like in China and the need for more preachers and church planters in the country. Two attendees are now planning to travel to China next summer to see the need on the Goforth China Tour, and another is planning on studying church-planting at the Our Generation Training Center beginning next year in view of going to China with the gospel. Thank you all for praying for this event! Please pray that the Lord would continue to send forth laborers into His harvest field!

We received word a few weeks ago that Taiwan is now allowing Chinese nationals who are married to alien residents to enter. This is an answer to prayer as up until now we have been waiting on Taiwan to open its borders to Chinese as my wife is a Chinese national.  I am currently going through the process to apply for and receive residency in Taiwan so that Anny Grace may apply for a visa. Please pray that the Lord would allow this process to go smoothly as it seems it may take a few more months to have all of our paperwork in proper order to leave for the field. We desire to spend two years in Taiwan serving under veteran missionaries before beginning our own ministry in mainland China.

Setup Fund: These are a few of our remaining moving expenses for us to leave for the field and get settled in:

Airfare, Luggage, and Visas: Provided! (was $6000)
Rent for a Year: Provided! (was $10,000) 
Vehicle: Provided! (was $15,000)
Housing and Furniture: Provided! (was $10,000)

Thank you to everyone who gave to help us get setup when we arrive on the field! You all are a tremendous blessing!

Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Taiwan is opened up to mainland Chinese—praise the Lord!
  • Our setup fund is provided for—praise the Lord!
  • Pray that we could obtain the necessary paperwork quickly and leave for the field soon.
  • Pray that mainland China would open its borders soon.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to raise up and send forth more laborers into His harvest field.

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