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I want to tell you how you can pray about this special Share-a-thon, but to tell you why it’s so important, I need to tell you our story.

I remember there were nights when I would stand on the roof of my eighth-floor apartment, look out over Longyan, China, a city of over 2 million people, and beg God to give me a way to preach full-time in China. I remember asking the Lord why He would bring me to the other side of the world and give me so much success in the language and culture and provide me a job teaching English, only to let me flounder in ministry due to lack of guidance.

Then one day my dad sent me a link online to the blog of a team of missionaries on the other end of China that were doing exactly what I wanted to do – preaching the gospel, planting churches, baptizing converts, and seeing the gospel advanced in a mighty way. “How do they do it? Where did they get their training? How do they fund their ministry?” were the thoughts I couldn’t get away from.

After following their blogs for about a year, I couldn’t take it any longer. I just had to know. I reached out to them online, and one of them called me.

He told me I didn’t have to teach English to survive in China. He told me I didn’t have to waste energy balancing my time between a secular job and ministry. He told me that I could evangelize, plant churches, disciple new converts, and preach — all full-time!

He told me about the Our Generation Training Center (OGTC), a training center that could provide me with the training and experience I need to do all that I wanted to do for the Lord in China and then some.

He told me about Vision Baptist Missions (VBM), a mission board that would help my family and I get back to China prepared, supported, and equipped.

So in December 2015, my wife and I packed up our lives in China and moved to the other side of the world — Alpharetta, GA, to get the practical training we knew we so desperately needed to do church-planting ministry in China.

Now here we are, over four years later and nearing the end of deputation. Once the coronavirus and related shutdowns clear, we are due to leave for the field far more prepared to do the work of the ministry than we were in 2015.

The Lord has prepared us, and He has done it through the Our Generation Training Center and Vision Baptist Missions. We praise Him for how he’s used both of these institutions in our lives and the lives of so many other missionaries to equip for cross-cultural gospel ministry.

The Lord is doing a great work through these institutions, and we are excited about The Center For World Evangelism (CFWE), the future home of the OGTC and VBM.

We want to encourage you to learn more about The Center For World Evangelism during the upcoming Share-a-thon, which can be found online Friday, May 1, from 6am to midnight and Saturday, May 2, from 6am to 10pm.

Tune in on The Center For World Evangelism’s Facebook page or Youtube channel to join us in praising the Lord for the missionaries He has raised up, begging the Lord to raise up more, and asking Him to provide the funds needed to continue in these endeavors.

Throughout the Share-a-thon, there will be information about missions, preaching and updates from missionaries, videos showcasing what the Lord is doing around the world, and more. You won’t want to miss this exciting event!

I, Austin, will be preaching a short message Friday morning just after 8am and will have a brief interview with the hosts following my message. There will be many other VBM missionaries and OGTC students involved in preaching, singing, videos, and interviews as well.

I am convinced that the Lord’s hand is on the OGTC and VBM because of how he has used both to prepare my family for a life of overseas ministry. Because of this, I am also convinced that The Center For World Evangelism will be used greatly to raise up many more missionary laborers in the years to come.

Would you please pray for the Share-a-thon? Pray for God to provide at least $225,000 to help our mission board to make the land payment. You will want to check out this page where you can learn about being a donor. The Share-a-thon will be a fun time of praising God and hearing what God is doing around the world.

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