February 2020 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Time is flying by! We have just three short months remaining until our May 11th departure date. There is so little time and so much to do, but we praise the Lord for all that is going on as He gets us closer and closer to the field. The Lord has blessed with more support, bringing us to 73% of our need monthly level and a total of 79% including recent commitments. These are exciting days! Would you please pray for us as we pack, complete paperwork, and make final preparations all as we continue to travel to meetings and present the ministry?

Thank you to those who have given to our Setup Fund. If you haven’t already, would you pray about giving a one-time love offering of any amount to help us reach these needs? We appreciate your help with this need.

Setup Fund – Below is a list of a few of our moving expenses for us to leave for the field and get settled in:  

Airfare, Luggage, and Visas: $6000 $3000 
Rent for a Year: $10,000 $5000
Vehicle: $15,000 $8000 
Housing, Furniture, and Appliances: $10,000 

Would you consider a one-time love offering of any amount ($100, $250, $500, $1000, $5000 etc.) to reach these needs?

As we mentioned in our last letter, we intend to spend our first couple of years on the field in Taiwan with veteran missionaries Mark and Natasha Tolson. Due to differences in government, Taiwan requires us to get a different type of visa with a more involved application process. Please pray that the visa application process will go smoothly and that we will be able to secure our visas before our departure date. Please pray for us as we are just a few short months away from leaving for the field! Thank you for your prayers!

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