“Jesus is my favorite myth!”

Early this month my wife and I led a short term trip to China called the Goforth China Tour! This trip was both a missions trip and vision tour. Our desire was that the Lord would use this trip to stir up the hearts of the students on our team to get more involved in the cause of world evangelism. We believe that He has in fact opened eyes and is stirring hearts to GO. Here is one story based on the testimony of Greg, one of the students who came on the trip, who quickly learned that many in China are ignorant of the gospel of Christ:

“Jesus is my favorite myth!” exclaimed Sarah. She seemed beyond excited to finally meet someone who also liked this “myth”.

“He’s not a myth – He’s God! He’s real!” Greg replied after recovering from the initial shock brought on by such a statement. He picked his jaw up from the floor of the bullet train.

Sarah seemed as unable to believe her ears as Greg. She had just asked if she could hold his Bible, and Greg had granted her permission. She was fascinated to actually hold a copy of this “myth book” in her hand.

Greg was equally fascinated by her fascination. She’s so curious to hold a Bible? he thought. Wow, she’s never seen one!

Greg explained the truth of God’s Word to Sarah, briefly shared the gospel with her, and gave her a Chinese audio Bible before reaching his stop and having to part ways with her.

She seemed interested, but it was a lot to take in at once. The hardest part of course being that the story isn’t a myth. She’d have to think on it.

Saying goodbye, Greg hopped off the train and found the rest of our group waiting for him on the platform. He quickly shared with us how he was in awe at this opportunity the Lord gave him to share his faith. He told us of how he wished he had more time with her.

Onward the train – and Sarah with it – went. On to the next stop, the next city. There she is one of millions of people who just like her think nothing more of our Lord than that He is some made up fairytale!

Can you imagine it, friend? Can you imagine a such a scene? Can you imagine such an encounter? Can you imagine such ignorance of our Lord?

To call the Creator of one’s very soul a myth! To call Him nothing more than an interesting fable! To not know of sin, righteousness, and judgement! To not know of the Way, the Truth, and the Life! To not know of the Father and how to get to the Father through Him!

It is certainly almost incomprehensible! And yet, they truly do not know!

We, His ambassadors, have a standing command to preach the gospel to every creature. And yet in China there are millions upon millions who know next to nothing of Christ!

We, His heralds and priests, have had this message for some 2,000 years. And yet this very account transpired just a few short weeks ago!

We have a job to do!

Will you not, as our Lord, be moved with compassion? Will you not, as He commanded, pray for more laborers? Will you not heed our Lord’s command to GO?

Friend, thank you for praying for the trip! Please pray for Sarah’s salvation! Please pray for the Lord to raise up young people like Greg to devote their lives to laboring in China! The harvest truly is plenteous and the laborers are so few! Would you join us in asking the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers into His harvest?

For more information about the Goforth China Tour and future tours, please click here.

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