More Tasmanian, Less Toddler

Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife and I are thrilled to announce that our son, Abraham Hudson, has officially hit three years old!

Last year, the internet exploded with all sorts of fanfare surrounding the sighting of a so-called “Tasmanian Toddler” that was terrorizing churches across America with his whirlwinds, fist bumps, and general “cuteness”(Click here for details).

This year, Anny and I are astounded to report that while said Tasmanian toddler is becoming less and less “toddler”, he is still as “Tasmanian” as ever – perhaps even more so than before!

Actual footage of Abraham showing his true colors.

While this ever-active fireball of a kid still shares the same affinity for balls with his two-year old self, he has also taken a liking to dinosaurs, monster trucks, and singing “Victory in Jesus” while on his various road trips across America.

Last year it was hopefully anticipated by his mother and me that his jump-start into “terrible territory” that came about by misreading the “terrible twos memo” as the “terrible twenty months memo” might mean an early exit from said so-called “terrible territory”. We are, however, distraught to announce that his level of “terrible” has only seemed to escalate to ever greater heights.

Abraham and me, Father’s Day 2019
Abraham and Mom, Easter 2019.

On the bright side, these next twelve months look to be promising for little Abraham as he continues to systematically fist-bump, whirlwind, and generally chatter-box his way over to China.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABRAHAM! Your Mom and I sure are thrilled to be your parents, even if we sometimes complain about being constantly kept on our toes!

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