Goforth China Tour City Preview: DANDONG

This July, my wife and I will be leading a team of five young people on Vision For China’s first ever Goforth China Tour! The trip will encompass one-on-one evangelism opportunities, practical instruction on the state of Christianity in various regions of China, a trek along the Great Wall, and even a glimpse across the Yalu River into North Korea. Our desire is for these students to see China’s great need for the gospel themselves, to allow the Spirit of God to use their eyes to stir their hearts, and to consider what part they would have to play in what the Lord is doing in the nation of China! For more information about the trip, please click here.


Tucked away along the Yalu River and overlooking North Korea, the city of Dandong is home to about 2.5 million people. It is from this side of the river that missionary Jonathan Goforth made his way into the Korean Peninsula and witnessed great revival among Korean believers nearly a century ago. Vision For China is currently praying for the Lord to give us a man who will commit to laboring for the gospel in this city to reach both Chinese and Koreans with the gospel. Here we will be able to look directly into North Korea and pray for the Lord to do a mighty work in this city and into North Korea.

The Goforth China Tour will begin the last weekend in June and extend into the second week in July. Please pray for this trip! We are asking God to do a great work in the hearts of the five students who will be coming. Would you join us? Some of them are already seriously considering surrendering their lives to the Lord’s service in China. China is in need of more laborers! The harvest is great but the laborers are few! Will you join us in asking the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest?

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