March 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

God blessed us with a great month in February. We were in twelve churches in GA, FL, NC, and TN. The Lord was faithful to provide us with new support and new partnering churches, which of course means we are getting closer to getting back to China. Thank you for your continued prayers as we press on on the deputation trail!

We are very excited as we look ahead to the month of March. We have twelve meetings scheduled this month in NC, VA, MS, TX, and GA – with the majority of the month spent in MS and TX. Our last time through these states was very fruitful for us with new support and new partners, and we are praying for another fruitful trip in these states. Would you join us in praying for new partnering churches in March?

Looking beyond March and into April, the Chinese calendar brings a festival called “Tomb Sweeping Festival” on Friday, April 5th. The yearly holiday is a day for China’s billions to live out their Confucian beliefs concerning familial piety (devotion to family, particularly elders) by paying their respects at the tombs of their deceased parents and grandparents. All of this is done year after year in the Spring and is a source of fear and hopelessness for many Chinese. Most of them have never heard of the other tomb. That tomb is the cause of much celebration and is also widely celebrated each Spring. Their tombs are hopeless and occupied, but that tomb is empty and points us to eternal life! Many of them have never heard of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came into this world to die for sinners. To die so that everyone – even Chinese people – can have life and hope and joy.  Will you pray for China during this season? Will you pray that many preachers would be sent to them so that they can hear the name of Jesus, believe upon His name, call upon His name, and be saved?

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