Coming Soon! “A Thousand Lives” Book Launch

The Vision For China team is excited to announce the publication of our first book, A Thousand Lives. This has been a major project for our team over the past few months as we have been collaborating from our various locations in America and China to pull the book together in time for publication. Each member of our team wrote  one chapter, with our pastors and mission director making contributions as well. The book is a passionate plea for a pipeline of unashamed believers boldly advancing the gospel in China.

We have officially sent everything off to be published, and we intend to launch the book on December 28, 2018, at the Our Generation Summit. Lord willing, it will be also be available in ebook and audiobook formats in the near future. 

Included below is the preface of the book:

In 1885, Dr. Randal of the China Inland Mission was passing through Canada and gave a copy of China’s Spiritual Need and Claims, written by Hudson Taylor, to a certain young man by the name of Jonathan Goforth. Though Jonathan had previously surrendered to be a missionary to China, this book opened his eyes to the greatness of the need and the importance of a mission board. Won over to the cause of the China Inland Mission, Jonathan bought hundreds of copies of the book at his own personal expense and mailed them to pastors. This practice eventually developed into the practice of mailing out packets of books and pamphlets on China and the great need.

“We cannot doubt but this work was an important agency in forwarding and feeding the remarkable tide of interest in foreign missions of this period and also that it paved the way for the visit of Dr. Hudson Taylor to Canada in 1888.” – Rosalind Goforth, wife of missionary Jonathan Goforth

Jonathan Goforth was to become the first North American Missionary with the China Inland Mission and was used greatly of the Lord in China for decades, bringing countless hundreds to a saving knowledge of Christ.

It is in this spirit and with this history in mind that the idea for our own book project, A Thousand Lives, was birthed. Like in the days of Taylor and Goforth, we too live in a day in which many are desirous to be used of the Lord in China and around the world, but few know how to get from where they are to where they would like to be–being used greatly of the Lord on the mission field.

It is our prayer that this book, like China’s Spiritual Need and Claims will stir to action the hearts of a thousand lives that will surrender to the Lord’s service and motivate them to join our cause to both raise up more laborers and become laborers themselves in the great harvest field of China and the many other harvest fields around the world.

“If I had a thousand pounds China should have it.
If I had a thousand lives, China should have them.
No! Not China, but Christ.
Can we do too much for Him?
Can we do enough for such a precious Saviour?”
– Hudson Taylor, Missionary to China –

Please join us in praying for the publication of this book. Please pray that this book would be used of the Lord in mighty ways to raise up an army of both goers and senders to reach China with the gospel message. To learn more about A Thousand Lives, please visit To preorder a copy, please email us at


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