The Voice in the Villages Initiative

The Voice In The Villages Initiative (China) is a discipleship effort of Vision For China to reach beyond China’s cities and into its villages. The missionaries on our team are stationed in the major cities because that is where the majority of the populace resides. But we know that are still souls living outside the cities in thousands of villages across China. We know that Christ loves them too. Thus, this is our effort to not chose “either/or” but “both/and”—to try to reach both urban and rural Chinese at the same time.

The villages offer a unique challenge because many aren’t able to sustain a full-time pastor, there is a high illiteracy rate, they are hard to get to or there is a lack of training that is offered in their area. This initiative evaluates those challenges and is trying to formulate a plan to overcome them to take the love of God to the villages of China.

Our Game Plan

Phase 1 – Produce Media & Material

Phase 2 – Build a Resource Package

Phase 3 – Distribution and Contacts

Phase 4 – Ongoing Training

To learn more about Vision For China’s “The Voice in the Villages” Initiative, please click here.

“I challenge you to help us get the voice of Jesus into the villages.” – Austin Gardner, Pastor of Vision Baptist Church

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