The Dalian Initiative: Dalian Pastor’s Fund

The Dalian Pastor’s Fund is an opportunity to directly support Chinese pastors or pastors in training. Pastoring in China is especially hard because of persecution against the church from the State. These pastors are serving in underground church capacities which makes it hard for these local churches to fully support them on a consistent basis. This is where The Dalian Pastor’s Fund can be a help and encouragement to these men of God and their families as they serve on the frontlines in their home country.

This fund supports pastors or pastors in training who are being influenced and trained by the ministry established in Dalian, which is one of the ministries of our team, Vision For China.

  • 100% of your financial gifts are used for Chinese pastors.
  • 100% of your financial gifts are tax deductible.
  • It helps alleviate the financial stress of being a pastor in Communist China.
  • It encourages those who have faced or will possibly face persecution.

Currently, we are able to help support 2 Chinese pastors or pastors in training.

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