Taking the Initiative: Shanghai

As many readers know, I am a member of a team of missionaries known as Project China. Some readers have read my series of posts about Project China published in March of this year, which included anĀ  article entitled “Project China: A Growing Task“. In that post, I outlined the three initiatives (game plans) that we as a team had in place to divide China into bite-sized portions and reach the nation with the gospel. I say ‘had’ instead of ‘have’ because we now have more than three initiatives! So for the month of September, I’d like to elaborate on our current initiatives one post at a time.

Our initial goal to see a church-planting missionary first in each of the districts inside the city limits then a missionary in each of the suburban districts. Our hope is that each of these missionaries will start a church-planting movement that trains national leaders to not only reach the city they are in but also the areas around their city and all of China.

Outside the city limits, the metropolitan area of Shanghai includes Jiading, Baoshan, Minhang, Pudong, Chongming Qingpu, Songjiang, Jinshan and Fengxian.

Population over 24 million souls in the city limits, 34 million in the metropolitan area.

We are praying for God to raise up church-planters to first go to the city districts then the suburban districts.

Will you pray will us for the 34 million souls living in Shanghai?

Will you consider going and being one of the church-planters?

If you are interested in learning more about the Shanghai Initiative, please check out the Shanghai Initiative page at projectchina.org.

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