Project China: A Growing Team

Buzz buzz.

My phone vibrated indicating I received a notification.

I took a sip of tea,  put down the green card paperwork I had been mulling over for my wife, and checked my phone.

“Bi EnKai wants to add you as a contact,” read the WeChat notification. WeChat is the main social media platform in China. Since Facebook is blocked by the government, WeChat is the go-to app for keeping up with and making new friends.

“Bi EnKai?” I thought. “Do I know a Bi EnKai?” The name didn’t ring any bells. I clicked on the link to view details and noticed a message from the mystery person:

“Hi. This is Kanon.”

“Kanon?” I remember thinking. The plot was thickening. No Chinese person chooses the English name Kanon. “Is this an American?” I wondered.

It was rare to meet Americans in my corner of China, and I hadn’t met any for a while.

Confused as to why this seemingly random person would add me as a contact, I was getting ready to get back to work. Time was getting down to the wire. I had just a couple of months left until my current contract and visa expired, and I wanted to secure a green card for my wife before I would have to renew my own paperwork for another year. I could hardly bear the thought of having to teach English another full year in China while there was a way to do full-time ministry instead.

I wanted to get back to America as quickly as possible and begin training to join Project China as a church planter.


Suddenly, it hit me.

“Kanon!” It was a Eureka! moment for sure. Just a few days previous I had noticed a new face on the Project China website. A new missionary had been added to their ranks, and his name was Kanon.

I accepted the contact request.

In the months since my initial discovery of Project China’s website, their ranks had grown a person or three. Could it be that I could really join them one day? Could it be that I could become a full-time missionary to China?


Much has happened in the last couple of years since Kanon added me on WeChat. I am now an official member of Project China. My family and I are raising our support to return to China as church-planters. Kanon and his wife have raised their support and are currently in China beginning language school. But perhaps most exciting of all is that our Project China ranks continue to grow and increase. There are currently thirteen members of Project China. There are thirteen men who have committed their lives, their families, and their futures to making the Lord Jesus Christ known among China’s billions.

What about you? Do you desire to make Him known in the country of China? Does a passion burn within you to make your life count for eternity by pleading with the people of China to turn to Christ?

Ask the Lord how you can be a part of reaching China. If you feel you are ready to take the next step, please don’t hesitate to contact us. That’s what I did.

This is part of a series of articles about our growing team of missionaries, Project China. To learn more about Project China and find subsequent links to the websites of its missionaries, please visit our website at


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