Anny’s Testimony

Though born and raised in China, I was blessed to grow up in a Christian household. My mom took me to church regularly from a young age. I didn’t understand the gospel, but I enjoyed church for the juice and cookies in Sunday School.

As I came into my teenage years, I stopped going to church. Most of the people at our church were much older than me and I thought it was boring. I got a series of jobs that required me to work on Sundays and didn’t go to church for many years.

One day a foreigner named Austin came into my stationery store. He was a teacher and occasionally came by the store for supplies. I had never spoken to a foreigner before, but thinking that all Americans must be Christians, one day I showed him some bookmarks with Chinese Bible verses on them. He asked me if I was a Christian, and I said I wasn’t sure. So when he found out I hadn’t been attending church, he asked me to come with him.

Over the next couple of months I started to getting back into church and Bible studies regularly. At about that time, I began struggling with some issues in my family. The Lord used those struggles to drive me to my knees in prayer and completely trust Him. Since then I have a desire for God’s Word that I never had before. I desire to grow daily in my relationship with Him.

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