Born Again?

Over the weekend, Vision Baptist Church held an outreach to the many Indian families in our community. The Lord blessed, and over 100 Indians visited our church, many of whom were hearing the gospel for the first time.

I was given the chance to speak with one man in particular who told me that his parents converted to Christianity in India many years ago. Within only about two minutes of our conversation, he plainly asked me, “I have heard the phrase, ‘born again,’ a few times before and many times tonight. But, I’m not familiar with that concept. What does it mean?”

I was able to tell him from the Bible that he actually isn’t the first person to have that very same question! I told him the story of John 3 and Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus. I explained that we must be born again to see the kingdom of God.

The man was fascinated. Though he owns a Bible and claimed to read it, he had never heard that story. I encouraged him to read the Bible for himself and join Vision’s Desi Bible Fellowship, a bible study to help Indians understand the bible.

Please pray for him and the other Indians that came to Vision. Pray that he would read the bible, understand the gospel, and be saved. Please pray that the Lord would allow our church to reach many Indians in our community with the gospel.

Please pray, too, that my family and I would finish our deputation quickly so that we can return to China and tell the millions of Chinese who have yet to hear the gospel about the necessity of being born again.

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