Vanity of Vanities

Since moving to America a year and a half ago, Anny Grace and I haven’t had many opportunities to share our faith with Chinese people. However, the Lord recently blessed us with one such opportunity that I would like to share.

We were eating lunch in a small Chinese restaurant when one of the owners overheard us speaking in Chinese. Being curious as to how I could speak Mandarin, she came over and struck up a conversation. Come to find out, she is from the same province in China as Anny Grace! Isn’t it amazing how the Lord often arranges divine appointments?

As we were talking with her, she shared that though she has been living in America for many years, she feels like her English is lacking. We shared that our church is just around the corner from her store. We invited her to come to our ESL ministry and invited her son to children’s church. She said she’d like to come, but wasn’t sure if work would permit. Many Chinese are workaholics, and she said she was no exception. She has to run the restaurant everyday and wasn’t sure if she could make time for her and her son to come.

Being quick on her feet, Anny Grace used this as an opportunity to speak the truth of God’s Word into this woman’s life. “The Bible teaches that living a life pursuing work and riches is vanity,” said Anny Grace.

“As Christians, we don’t have to make work and money our life’s goals. We seek God and His kingdom instead. Why don’t you explain that some more, Austin?”

Excited to see my wife eager to share the good news of Jesus Christ with this lady, I proceeded to tell her how the Creator God of the universe loves us and wants a relationship with us by sending His Son Jesus to die for us.

As I neared wrapping up my explanation of God’s love for sinners, another patron entered the restaurant and diverted her attention. Thankfully, the Lord allowed us to explain the good news to her before that happened.

Paying for our meal, we gave her a pamphlet with information about Vision and reminded her of service times.

Please pray for this lady and her family. Ask the Lord to bring them to church. Pray that He would give us more opportunities to share the good news of Christ with her. She mentioned that some of her Chinese friends have encouraged her to believe the gospel before, so it seems that her work schedule is holding her back from getting into church and seeking the Lord. Please pray that she would give up the vanity of pursuing work and money and turn to live for the Living God!

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