Vacation Bible School

This past week I had the privilege of co-teaching a fourth grade boys class at Vision’s Vacation Bible School (VBS). I can’t begin to describe how much fun I had over the course of the week as I had multiple opportunities to share the gospel with the boys, many of whom have never heard the gospel.

On Wednesday, I was given the opportunity to go out into the community and invite kids to come to VBS. Many were excited to come, and we arranged for me and a friend to pick them up and bring them. As I was driving them to church, I asked them what they knew about Jesus. They gave various vague answers, and it was obvious that they didn’t understand the gospel. Being Hispanic, they come from a Catholic background and have a distorted view of who Christ is. Over the next fifteen minute van ride to church, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to tell them the story of the Savior! They were extremely interested and I let them know that they would be able to hear more during the VBS lessons. That night when I was taking them home, I asked if they had a church home. They shared that they didn’t, but would like to come to Vision. I told them about children’s church and arranged to pick some of them up for church on Sunday. I have invited their parents to join Vision’s Spanish Ministry and hope that they will come soon to hear the gospel as well.

Please pray for these kids. It is my desire to have an ongoing relationship with them that allows me to have frequent opportunities to share the gospel with them and their families. Some of them came with me to church Sunday, but their parents didn’t come. Pray that the Lord would give me more opportunities to minister to their parents as well.

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