A Voice In China’s Airwaves!

The Vision For China team now has a gospel-voice in the airwaves of China! 

“But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” – Genesis 50:20

In a joint venture partnership with Christian Media International, our Vision For China team now has 30 video gospel messages currently being broadcast via satellite into Hong Kong, Macau, and even mainland China – reaching a total of 83 million households, or 6% of China with the gospel message!

It all started in Spring 2014, when one of our teammates was forced out of China by the government. While it seemed like a win for the devil, the Lord had other plans.

He and his family relocated to Taiwan and began a church-planting ministry there. Through that ministry, young Taiwanese men have surrendered their lives to preach the gospel.

The Lord has allowed one of those Taiwanese men to record these 30 gospel messages which are now being broadcast weekly into mainland China! While the Chinese government and the devil meant to keep the gospel out of China by kicking out a missionary, the Lord used it to bring about this unique opportunity to broadcast the gospel message in Mandarin Chinese to millions of Chinese people!

We praise the Lord for allowing us this opportunity! Please join us in praying that the Lord would use these video broadcasts to “save much people alive” in China!

If you are residing in Guangdong province and would like to tune in, you may do so by tuning in to Phoenix TV at 7am on Saturdays and 11:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Feel free to pass this information along to your friends residing in Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and Macau as well!

And please click here to watch the messages online!

August 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Thank you all for praying for more gospel laborers in China! As we returned from the Goforth China Tour in July, the Lord has impressed on us even more the need for more gospel laborers among the billions of China. 

Over the course of the trip our team encountered young people in China who asked questions such as “What is the Bible?” and others who exclaimed, “Jesus is my favorite myth!” Cannot such questions and statements from among so many millions of China’s youth lead us to have the compassion of Jesus who, when seeing the multitudes, was moved with compassion on them because they faint and are scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd? The harvest truly is plenteous! But the laborers are so few! Who will tell them that the Word of God is a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path? Who will tell them that Jesus is no myth, but rather the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that they can get to the Father through Him? May we heed the command of our Lord to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers into his harvest!

After returning from China the second week of July, the Lord blessed us with opportunities to present our ministry in nine churches in NC, AL, GA, MS, and TX. We also had a wonderful time at our church’s annual marriage retreat held in GA. Over the course of July, the Lord blessed and allowed us to receive word from seven churches that have committed to partner with us to reach China with the gospel of Christ! Additionally our support is now at just over 47% of our needed level! God is so good! In August, we have meetings scheduled at churches in TX, CA, MS, and AR. Please pray for these opportunities to present China. Thank you all for your continued prayers!

Interested in joining us on a future Goforth China Tour?

Please visit us online: reachingchina.org/goforthchinatour

“What is Bible?”

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Early this month my wife and I led a short term trip to China called the Goforth China Tour! This trip was both a missions trip and vision tour. Our desire was that the Lord would use this trip to stir up the hearts of the students on our team to get more involved in the cause of world evangelism. We believe that He has in fact opened eyes and is stirring hearts to GO. Here is one story based on the testimony of Austin, one of the students who came on the trip, who came face to face with the fact that so few in China teach the Word of God:

“What is Bible?” Albert had a puzzled look on his face as he looked around the room. He was always very proud of his English ability. Would any of his Chinese friends notice that he didn’t understand a word?

He shuffled his feet uneasily and continued to shoot glances at others in the apartment. No one seemed to notice thankfully. How embarrassing to not understand a word that seemed simple enough. Everyone was here to practice speaking English with these Americans, after all. Had these Chinese friends overheard his confusion what would they think?

What that word mean? What is “Bible”? he pondered to himself.

Albert had just met Austin and asked him what he wanted to do one day. When Austin said he wanted to teach the Bible, Albert’s confusion began. At first, he wasn’t even sure of what a Bible was. After hearing the Chinese word for “Bible” he was still visibly puzzled as he squinted his eyes.

Then it suddenly hit him. It was as though a light came on.

“Oh! It is a book, right?” he exclaimed, relieved to have finally figured out this word.

“Yes! Do you know anything about the Bible?” Austin asked. “No. In China no one teaches about the Bible so I don’t know anything about this book.”

Can you imagine, friend? Can you imagine growing up in a place with no one to teach you the Bible? Can you imagine having no preacher to tell you of Christ’s death for sinners? No church to be a light in your town? Can you imagine living in ignorance of the words of your Creator?

To not have the Words of Life! To not have a lamp unto your feet! To not have a light unto your path!

For us who have grown up in America hearing the gospel weekly, hearing biblical preaching and teaching week in and week out, hearing the name of Christ and His saving work on the cross multiple times each week, for us it is almost unimaginable!

Could it be that we are entrusted with this message not to hoard it but to herald it? Not to store it but to share it? Not to place it under a bushel but proclaim it unto the nations?

In China, there are millions of Alberts who, like the Ethiopian eunuch, have no hope of understanding the word of God except some man should guide them.

Friend, will you, like Philip, heed the command of the Lord to “Arise, and go”? Will you, like Philip, heed the prompting of the Spirit to “Go near, and join thyself” to them?

Would you please join us in praying for the Lord to raise up more laborers to get the gospel to the people living in darkness in China? Will you pray that He would send more workers into this vast harvest field?

Will you please go to China? Will you please heed the Lord’s command to GO?

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Friend, thank you for praying for the trip! Please pray for Albert’s salvation! Please pray for the Lord to raise up young people like Austin to devote their lives to laboring in China! The harvest truly is plenteous and the laborers are so few! Would you join us in asking the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers into His harvest? Will you join us laboring in His harvest?

For more information about the Goforth China Tour and future tours, please click here.Image

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